The ongoing projects of the Quantum Physics Department and Laser Research Center:


 The name of the project The supervisor Partners Duration of the project Funding source
Network of Service Providers for Eco-innovations in Manufacturing SMEs (ECOLABNET) Dr. M. Malinauskas Vilnius University + Design Centre MUOVA + Kaunas University of Technology + University of Tartu + Czestochowa University of Technology + VIA University College+ Centria University of Technology + LabsAmera + SB-Insight + Estrotech Ltd. + Lithuanian Confederation).
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2019 - 2021 InterReg Baltic Sea Region
Nanostructures for Higly Efficient Infrared Detection Dr. M. Malinauskas Vilnius University + Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Prof. Kestutis Staliunas) + Shizuoka University (Prof. Vygantas Mizeikis) + Swinburne University of Technology (Prof. Saulius Juodkazis) + University of Economics and Technology (Prof. Hamza Kurt). Project info [] 2016 - 2019 NATO Science for Piece Programme
Control of filamentation phenomena by means of competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearities (COFIL), Grant No. APP-8/2016 Prof. A. Dubietis Centre de Physique Théorique, Ecole Polytechnique, France 2016 - 2018 Research Council of Lithuania
7FP Project „Integrated European Laser Laboratories IV“ Prof. V. Sirutkaitis   2015-2018 LASERLAB-Europe IV
Prototype suitable for selection of synchronized trains with desirable number of ultrashort laser pulses from high repetition rate continuously pumped femtosecond lasers Dr. Rimantas Grigonis “Optolita” company 2017-2018 Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology